Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry reviews Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry reviews patient expectations and knows that many individuals are often apprehensive about dental procedures. In addition, many may prove reluctant to pursue the benefits offered by dental tourism. Although many people are deciding to pursue innovative dental procedures each and every day, German Arzate, D.D.S., M.S. and his team of professionals understand that any prospective patient is sure to have questions about their options and the experience in general.

For that reason, this dental office—located in the vacation paradise of Cancun, Mexico—strives to answer any questions that customers may have. Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers addressed by the clinic on a daily basis:

Is it safe to receive dental procedures outside of the United States?

This dental office proudly serves a wide array of patients who do not come from Mexico, such as those who arrive from the United States of America or Canada. While people must exercise caution when considering medical procedures, plastic surgery or dental work in a foreign country, there are many facilities, such as this one, that offer certified, trustworthy procedures. It is always important to remember to check for credentials first, instead of simply judging the location of the facility. Previous patients from America who have offered video testimonials continue to praise this Cancun-based dental office for combining the grace of exceptional dental work and the relaxation of a beach getaway.

Is Cancun a safe destination?

Although many display reluctance to travel in Mexico, Endless Tours—a travel company—notes that Cancun is actually the safest destination for tourists in Mexico. Each year, Cancun remains a popular destination for foreign travelers, and continues to exceed people’s expectations of luxury and comfort. Not only does Cancun offer incredible, secure resorts for individuals, but there are many options for top-of-the-line dining, shopping and excursions.

Where is this dental clinic located?

Those who are familiar with Cancun can get a sense of where the office is located, as it is located only approximately one mile away from the beginning of Cancun’s “Hotel Zone.” More specifically, the clinic is located within the Las Americas Shopping Mall. This location is extremely convenient, as it is the largest shopping mall found in Cancun. Those who prefer to travel by bus or taxi should encounter no difficulty in locating this spot.

If the clinic is in Mexico, how can patients remain confident that their dentist speaks English?

Dr. German Arzate and his trusted team know how important communication is, especially when tackling critical dental or medical procedures. Prospective patients can rest assured that Dr. German Arzate is fully fluent in English.

How can patients know that this clinic is legitimate?

Just as many dental offices in the United States require certification to remain open for business; those working in Mexico must supply the same high level of cleanliness and professionalism. In fact, the Mexican government ensures this legitimacy by checking every health-oriented facility; if an establishment does not meet hygienic needs or the offer the right credential, the government will shut down the business.

Why are the services at this facility so affordable?

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry reviews dental expenses in the United States, Canada and Europe and notes that Mexico offers many advantages that allow this kind of service to prove cost-effective. Those who have previously traveled in Mexico can assert that this region offers goods and services at a much lower rate than what one would find in America. As such, the facilities and businesses cost less in terms of real estate and rent fees. Specifically, as a Cancun-located business, this dental facility is able to benefit from operating in a Duty Free area; it is only responsible for paying 10 percent of the overall tax.

How many patients does this dental facility serve?

Each month, this cosmetic dentistry office receives visits from approximately 30 patients coming from the United States, Canada, as well as the United Kingdom. In addition, this facility sees patients regularly who reside in the Mexico area already.

How many dentists are on staff?

Although Dr. German Arzate is the leading dental professional at this facility, he proudly works with a team of 13 certified dentists who all do exceptional work. Four of these professionals are noted dental specialists who can offer insight and procedural knowledge on matters regarding endodontics, general dentistry, as well as cosmetic dentistry. Having a wide range of professional assistance allows each patient to get the care they deserve, which in turn provides results that many patients are thrilled with.

Can prospective patients speak with the dentist before booking an appointment?

In order to provide greater assuredness to potential patients, the professionals at this facility can absolutely contact an individual before they make the decision to undergo a certain treatment. Those interested in speaking with a dentist can conveniently fill out a callback request on the facility’s main website.

What is consultation like?

Before a patient receives care or undergoes their treatment, a trusted dentist and staff members will provide thorough consultation. Consultation allows patients to fully understand the particular procedure and their options, if any are available. In addition, patients who have opted for a dental procedure will receive X-Rays—normal or panoramic—to fully assess the state of the affected teeth. Consultations and X-Rays are complimentary to patients who have agreed to have a procedure done at this facility.

How quick is the work completed?

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry reviews the individual needs of each patient and the time that it will take to fully complete the dental work. While some individuals may require multiple visits, many can achieve the results they want in just one visit. This dental facility is known for its efficient methods, which allows customers to enjoy a complete dental makeover in about one week’s time. This benefit is available due to the fact that the facility not only features qualified dentists and advanced tools, but also has a lab on location. According to Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry reviews, previous patients have remained pleased with the limited amount of time that is required for such impressive results.